What Does It Take To Convert A Bus?

We Don't Know But We Are About To Find Out!

The Latest From Our Journal:

By MaLee & Bodhi

How Did We End Up Like This?

This was our first free weekend of no responsibilities… and we decided to try something new… to plan NOTHING… and allow whatever might happen… to happen… little did we expect we’d end up with matching pajamas… but that’s exactly what occurred… We’ve come to care more about our joy and fun… then what others may…Read more


Towing A Bus

The first thing we had to do… once we bought the bus was to get it towed! This was not planned, but thanks to our friends at Bears Transport we were able breeze through this inconvenience in a major way! The bus actually runs and drives very well, but it was 19 degrees at 3:30…Read more


We Believe Adventure Is Good For The Soul...

After building a Tiny House and living off-grid for nearly two years, we decided to sell it and buy a bus... So we did just that! Now its time to convert it to our new living space!

We hope to be finished by May 1st, when our winter cabin retreat ends... and our Summer of Exploration begins...

Thank you for following along...